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Going to Cuba is like travelling back in time to a place where most things and development has been frozen for several decades. 


You will find cultural-historical buildings, Cuban Cigars, Cuba Libre, Salsa rhythms and of cource thousands of old American cars making the cityscape in Havana look like a scene from Godfather II.


On the approx. 1,200 km long Caribbean islands you can visit historical sights, beautiful scenery and Caribbean beaches that make one wish the holiday lasted a little longer, and everything takes place at a comfortable pace, where everyone can join.

Historic Cuba Map · Trinidad, Havana and a travel experience for life ♥


Cuba is Havana (La Habana), Cuba Cigars, old American cars, Fidel Castro, Raúl Castro, Che, Ernesto Che Guevara, Fulgencio Batista, José Martí, Ernest Hemingway, Cuba Rome, Cuba Libre, Havana Club, Salsa, Exotic Beaches, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuban Revolution , Guantánamo, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Cienfuegos, Santi Spiritus, Varadero, Vinales and much more .... 



Convento de San Francisco de Asis · Plaza Mayor · Trinidad CubaA very special must see travel experience is a visit to the old town of Trinidad - Cuba's Jewel - where you can experience and sense the authentic and historic Cuba with the pastel-colored houses from where the scent of Cuban Cigars and the sound of Salsa Rhythms spread out in the cobbled streets.


Trinidad - on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1988 (link) - is officially founded in 1514 and is located in central Cuba in Sancti Spiritus province out to the Caribbean Sea (walking distance about 5 km).

The town, located 315 km from the capital Havana, is the best preserved towns in the entire Caribbean with clear and impressive buildings and Attractions from the colonial period and former grandeur under the excessively wealthy sugar barons who made a virtue of to decorate their pompous residences with beautiful and the bulky furniture, priceless glass, china and chandeliers.


Trinidad also known as the Jewel of Cuba is a very popular travel destination on the island and as a excursion daytrip, often combined with visits in Santa Clara (Che Guevara Mausoleum) and a stop in the both exciting and incredibly beautiful city Cienfuegos.


Starting from the Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, you can walk around and see the historic buildings, churches, museums and enjoy the atmosphere and sound of salsary tunes flowing out of the city's back yard and cozy cafes where they will serve you a Cuba Libre or Havana Club while you can sit back and relax thinking back to the greatness of the sugar barons.


Interesting sights includes among others the following: Museo Romántico (Palacio Brunet), San Francisco de Asis, La Casa de los Conspiradores, Palacio Cantero (Museo Historico Municipal), Museo Nacional de la Lucha Contra Bandidos, Museo de Arqueología Guamuhaya, Casa Templo de Santería Yemayá, Casa Padrón, Casa de la Músíca og Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad (Church of the Holy Trinity) etc.


Trinidad - a lifetime experience is waiting ☺

Map of Trinidad & Plaza MayorMap of Trinidad & Plaza Mayor · Celomi Travel ♥

 Click on the map to open Google 360° photo (Photo Sphere)


Cuba Havana Street View · History Time Capsule · Celomi Travel ♥Havana (La Habana)

is the capital of Cuba, and like Trinidad it is an absolute must see travel experience that you shouldn't miss when visiting Cuba.


You should stay in the city for a few days to experience the atmosphere and see some of the historic buildings, several of which in the partially restored Town "Old Havana" (La Habana Vieja), show evidence dating back to colonial times in the 1500 century.


There are also several interesting museums, galleries and ancient castles and fortresses from history among others "Castillo de San Carlos de la Cabana" and "Castillo de los Tres Reyes Magos del Morro".


Everywhere are cozy squares, cafes and restaurants from where salsa rhythms flows out into the streets, while the old American cars drives past slowly.


Maleconen (8 kilometers port promenade / esplanade) is an experience for "bon vivants". This is where the Cubans themselves meet and especially in the evenings the place is full of life and happy people meeting, dancing, playing, flirting, talking, drinking, kissing or just standing on the dike and fishing or sitting and enjoying a Cuban cigar. 


Cuba Varadero Beach · Celomi Travel ♥Varadero

is Cuba's famous and popular beach paradise, and on the 20 km long isthmus, there are hotels of all categories and price ranges, most of which lie along the amazing unbroken white sandy beach to the Gulf of Mexico, from which you can almost see the United States and Key West is only 160 km away.


The Varadero (Hicacos) peninsula is also a great starting point for those wishing to combine beach holidays with other Must See experiences in Cuba.


There are only 130 km to historic and exciting Havana (La Habana), 180 km to beautiful Cienfuegos, 230 km to Santa Clara and the Che Guevara Mausoleum and 270 km to the adventurous Trinidad.


All and each travel experiences you should not miss when visiting Cuba.

Cuba ♥ Varadero Beach ♥
Gamle Amerikanerbiler i Varadero
Gamle Amerikanerbiler i Havana
Cuba ♥ Varadero Beach ♥
Solnedgang ved Varadero Beach ♥
Havana Street View
Mini Taxi på Maleconen i Havana
Cuba ♥ Varadero Beach ♥
Casa Del Ron · Cuba · Varadero Beach
San Francisco de Asis · Plaza Mayor · Trinidad ♥
Cuba ♥ Varadero Beach ♥

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